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Pattern Cutting- step by step patterns for footwear


Pattern Cutting- step by step patterns for footwear

Pattern Cutting, step-by-step patterns for footwear replaces the Pattern Cutter's Handbook which since 1991 has become the standard textbook on many college and university courses covering footwear all over the English speaking world. The new book covers everything in the earlier book plus much more. Not only are there whole new chapters covering further styles of footwear, there is a chapter on Bottom Patterns, an extended chapter on Grading, and new material dealing with more advanced pattern problems such as a bellows-tongue.

In the past, books on pattern cutting have often reflected the mystique which tends to surround the subject. Pattern Cutting takes a completely different approach. The whole book is written as an easy to use, step-by-step guide to producing patterns for shoemaking, complete with 457 illustrations covering every step of the process. Each major type of footwear has a complete chapter devoted to it. The twelve basic types covered include trainers, basketball boots and an aerobic shoe, as well as more traditional footwear. With each footwear type there is a detailed description of the process with measurements given wherever appropriate. Points to watch for and pitfalls to avoid are spelt out, so as to ensure the reader will stand the best possible chance of producing a workable pattern first time.

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